Wednesday, June 24, 2009

TRANSFORMERS Revenge of The Fallen PART 1

Its 12:22am here at my home and I'm up with my hubby and son. We are getting ready to watch a movie and fall asleep. But all I'm thinking about is TRANSFORMERS (REVENGE OF THE FALLEN) The earliest show is playing at 11:20am here in my small town. I'm debating whether to go see it alone-or wait until my hubby can come with me. He is truly my best move watching buddy. We scream and yell/ laugh/ and I cry at the screen. He is the funniest person to go to the theater with. I just love my guy so much!
With the first Transformers we wore t-shirts and everything at the premerie-but this time around I'm just gonna wear my signature smokey eye (DECIPTICON) makeup. Well see how it turns out! I'll post up a pic. So Yall just call me MEGATRON JOHNSON!