Thursday, June 25, 2009

God Bless Michael Jackson & Family

Just wanted to say Rest In Peace to Michael Jackson. I was just watching The Jacksons: An American Dream the other day and thinking to myself how talented the entire family was. And how Mike stood out from everyone in his genre. I was thinking about his upcoming shows: Wow, its good to see Mike back on his feet ready to do some concerts. And now he has passed. Condolences to the Jackson Family, friends, and associates-everyone who will cry or has cried over his death. I know my girl Tosha somewhere with a tissue-cause that girl loves Michael Jackson. God Bless to you and yours and know that your time can be anytime-so be prepared to rest with God, and not dwell in Hell.

I wonder if all those people who told cruel jokes about him feel bad now? How about this story from the Onion News:href="">