Sunday, June 21, 2009

So another Father's Day has past. I had a great day with my husband and children today, we even had some friends over to watch a movie. Throughout the entire day, all I could do was watch my husband and admire him for all of who he is. He woke early this morning (as he does every morning) and got the kids settled back in bed. He did this so I could get just a few more minutes of rest. He went outside and prepared the grill. Strong, deep brown muscles flexing as he flipped those tiny chicken wings over-LOL. A smile on his face when he caught me looking his way. And, most important-watching his daughters scribble with chalk on the sidewalk, his son walking tall and strong along his side. I cant even imagine how great he feels when he looks upon his family. A family that he provides for. A family that he loves and cherishes. This guy is great all around. And that is why I married him. His gift this year was a documentary on F-16 Fighter Jets (He is in The Air Force)and Barack Obama's Dreams from My Father (although he is not an avid reader-I thought maybe he'd pick this up) and some homemade macaroni & cheese-just the way he likes it.

Now I dont want to end this post without thanking my Earthly father Mark Walker. he is a constant inspiration to me. He has raised me to be an intelligent, beautiful woman, and I love him and Thank him for that. Thank You Daddy!

ANd to my Father In Heaven-Thank You Lord for all that you do, and all that you will do. You are WONDERFUL! God Bless to everyone here on Earth. I hope that you all had a great holiday. Stay in good spirits!

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Your baby is so cute. Your husband is rather nice too...Anyway, love the site! Thanks for being so faithful to my blog Ivory's Intellect. I hope you join me over at Healthy Black Queens.