Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Subliminal Messages Today

I saw this on another blog and decided to place it here. This is an important issue that I try my best to explain to my family members and friends with children... I did not change any of the words in this post, I wanted this person's words to be their words, not mine.

Anonymous said...
*sigh*What is she "wearing" ? Why are her genitals and booty exposed that way ?I would be most grateful if you could take time to check out the few links I posted, they are truly wake-up calls.I really do not care about this woman's love life or money,the only thing I am concerned with is the impact she has on young girls. Thank you for your ambiguous lyrics Beyoncé, but we as grown-ups actually get it, not them! Can artists in this industry stop with subliminal messages for a second ? Cause they are actually targetting our kids, not us.

Ego remix:

Poker face by Lady GaGa is actually "Poke her face" listen to the lyrics, they dont make any sense...please check out this anaylisis by one of my friends:

A lot of artists are now using this kind of pun to alienate our kids,oops I forgot Britney "If you seek Amy" song, here is the chorus:

"love me - hate me
say what you want to want about me
but all of the girls and all of the boys are begging to
if you seek amy"

Does that make sense ? NO That doesnt make any sense....Now try this:

"love me - hate me
say what you want to want about me
but all of the girls and all of the boys
are begging toF.U.C.K ME"

Does it make more sense now ? And she doesnt talk about men or women but boys and girls wanting to F.U.C.K her !Simply cause that is her audience you guys.

Next thing you know, "little" girls end up wanting to dress more provocative and become sexually active at an early age. Some would say that I am being too dramatic, trust me fam I am not.This is not a joke, music is THE most powerful tool of power (above politics), you have no idea of the impact it has on the brain and can affect people's behaviour.The music industry is mostly controlled by illuminatis pushing their alienation agenda.Satan was the angel of music and most of the folks out there have sold their souls for fame. Do your research.Well cant wait to see the new video Bee ! All the "Dereon children" are inconsciously going to be humming a song about a penis and posting clips of them on youtube dancing to your new debauchery anthem.Congrats Beyoncé, congrats.

Oh and I know you are all grinding to Jamie's new hit, what about your kids ?


I'm Shakin' My Head said...

I don't listen to this kind of music, and now I know why. Very informative.

MochaSwissMrs said...

Yes, I watched a few of those videos and now I'm even more aware of the semi-innocent songs like "Halo" by Beyonce are not actually what they seem. It could be I'm filling my head up with nonsense or it could be something deeper-I'll just stop singing and playing certain stuff.