Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Be Yourself

Okay I just had to say one more thing. I love that now here in 2009 people can wear whatever they want (mix-matched-Different textures) and not get blazed on (remember that word?) I used to dress this way back in the early 2000's and where did it get me? On every ones "She's crazy/weird" list. If you didn't have on Nike/Burberry/Coach/Timberland/Baby Phat/Apple Bottom/ Rocawear/ something was wrong with you. No, nothing was wrong with me-its just that I dont move with the masses. I had my own style (whatever it was-kooky) I just wore what I wanted to wear. Now that I'm married with kids, I do have to look somewhat together when I step out with them. But I tell you, from here on out when I'm by myself-I will wear what I want to wear. I will be Original Martiya. Oh yeah and the dances these days????? I used to do all this stuff out on the dance floor BY MYSELF- people thought I was having a seizure out there and no one approached me. Well one girl did, letting me know that I make her laugh! Krumping, Halle Berry, Swag surfin, all of that crap. Doesn't faze me now because I'm grown and half-way old. But its something to ponder... What are some trends you feel you "established" way back, it wasn't cool then, but now every one's on it?