Thursday, June 11, 2009

Do You Have A Tattoo?

I'm a young woman, a young woman living in 2009 America. It is the thing to get a tattoo as soon as you can. As many as you can I've had friends with their entire upper bodies covered before high-school graduation. I've never been inside a tattoo parlor with my shirt off andready to go, I've dreamed it though-plenty of times. I think about getting a tattoo atleast twice a year. I dont act on it though because I know the Lord has told me not to mark my body. And I want to follow God as closely as I can.

Heres a video giving some history to tattoos and body modification-there is scripture at the 8:00 minute mark-straight to the point-its a commandment from God not to do this. This is in no way to make people with tattoos feel bad-I'm just here to tell you what The Bible Says, not what I say. And remember-You are not less of a Christian if you have tattoo's!

So why did you get a tattoo? What is it? Where is it? ( And if you have more than one-feel free to explain them all)


Vaneisha said...

i feel the same way about tattoos