Thursday, June 25, 2009

God Bless Michael Jackson & Family

Just wanted to say Rest In Peace to Michael Jackson. I was just watching The Jacksons: An American Dream the other day and thinking to myself how talented the entire family was. And how Mike stood out from everyone in his genre. I was thinking about his upcoming shows: Wow, its good to see Mike back on his feet ready to do some concerts. And now he has passed. Condolences to the Jackson Family, friends, and associates-everyone who will cry or has cried over his death. I know my girl Tosha somewhere with a tissue-cause that girl loves Michael Jackson. God Bless to you and yours and know that your time can be anytime-so be prepared to rest with God, and not dwell in Hell.

I wonder if all those people who told cruel jokes about him feel bad now? How about this story from the Onion News:href="">

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

TRANSFORMERS Revenge of The Fallen PART 1

Its 12:22am here at my home and I'm up with my hubby and son. We are getting ready to watch a movie and fall asleep. But all I'm thinking about is TRANSFORMERS (REVENGE OF THE FALLEN) The earliest show is playing at 11:20am here in my small town. I'm debating whether to go see it alone-or wait until my hubby can come with me. He is truly my best move watching buddy. We scream and yell/ laugh/ and I cry at the screen. He is the funniest person to go to the theater with. I just love my guy so much!
With the first Transformers we wore t-shirts and everything at the premerie-but this time around I'm just gonna wear my signature smokey eye (DECIPTICON) makeup. Well see how it turns out! I'll post up a pic. So Yall just call me MEGATRON JOHNSON!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

So another Father's Day has past. I had a great day with my husband and children today, we even had some friends over to watch a movie. Throughout the entire day, all I could do was watch my husband and admire him for all of who he is. He woke early this morning (as he does every morning) and got the kids settled back in bed. He did this so I could get just a few more minutes of rest. He went outside and prepared the grill. Strong, deep brown muscles flexing as he flipped those tiny chicken wings over-LOL. A smile on his face when he caught me looking his way. And, most important-watching his daughters scribble with chalk on the sidewalk, his son walking tall and strong along his side. I cant even imagine how great he feels when he looks upon his family. A family that he provides for. A family that he loves and cherishes. This guy is great all around. And that is why I married him. His gift this year was a documentary on F-16 Fighter Jets (He is in The Air Force)and Barack Obama's Dreams from My Father (although he is not an avid reader-I thought maybe he'd pick this up) and some homemade macaroni & cheese-just the way he likes it.

Now I dont want to end this post without thanking my Earthly father Mark Walker. he is a constant inspiration to me. He has raised me to be an intelligent, beautiful woman, and I love him and Thank him for that. Thank You Daddy!

ANd to my Father In Heaven-Thank You Lord for all that you do, and all that you will do. You are WONDERFUL! God Bless to everyone here on Earth. I hope that you all had a great holiday. Stay in good spirits!

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Infatuation With The Word NIGGER/NIGGA

This video was found on (Check it out-great Blog)

I'm very proud to see this young boy up there proclaiming his beliefs. I also cannot imagine that here in this year of 2009 we are still walking around calling each other nigger and nigga. There is no spin that you can put on that word. There is no way to soften the blow. With all of our Father/Mother/Grand Fathers/Grand Mothers/ Great Grand Fathers/Great Grand mothers had to go through, this generation has to continue to be so ignorant? Me included sometimes, I will be honest.
My husband and I were just on YouTube the other night and stumbled across a song called "Lookin Ass Nigga" And as I sit here typing this, I'm thinking back as of how I was acting while watching that video. I was laughing hysterically, practically in tears. Admiring the flow of the rappers, their skill of quickly "telling a nigga" what he looks like. But now I'm sitting here in reflection of myself and I don't like what I see. Yes, I'm young, Yes I'm impressionable, yes it is what some would say harmless entertainment. Really? I believe its not. I shouldn't have found that funny, because there is always a deeper meaning. I need to watch myself-What do you think? Do you use the word Nigga in everyday speech? What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Picture Of The Day (Okinawa,Japan)

I was pregnant in these photos-just having a day out in Naha with my friends. Naha is towards the North of Okinawa. Everything in the North is set up like a city. Tall buildings, business headquarters, the Yakuza, naw I'm just playing. It was a nice experience though-lots of shops and lots of food-but can you guess where I at that day? LOL I still say to this day that the Japanese have the best McDonalds!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Do You Have A Tattoo?

I'm a young woman, a young woman living in 2009 America. It is the thing to get a tattoo as soon as you can. As many as you can I've had friends with their entire upper bodies covered before high-school graduation. I've never been inside a tattoo parlor with my shirt off andready to go, I've dreamed it though-plenty of times. I think about getting a tattoo atleast twice a year. I dont act on it though because I know the Lord has told me not to mark my body. And I want to follow God as closely as I can.

Heres a video giving some history to tattoos and body modification-there is scripture at the 8:00 minute mark-straight to the point-its a commandment from God not to do this. This is in no way to make people with tattoos feel bad-I'm just here to tell you what The Bible Says, not what I say. And remember-You are not less of a Christian if you have tattoo's!

So why did you get a tattoo? What is it? Where is it? ( And if you have more than one-feel free to explain them all)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Subliminal Messages Today

I saw this on another blog and decided to place it here. This is an important issue that I try my best to explain to my family members and friends with children... I did not change any of the words in this post, I wanted this person's words to be their words, not mine.

Anonymous said...
*sigh*What is she "wearing" ? Why are her genitals and booty exposed that way ?I would be most grateful if you could take time to check out the few links I posted, they are truly wake-up calls.I really do not care about this woman's love life or money,the only thing I am concerned with is the impact she has on young girls. Thank you for your ambiguous lyrics Beyoncé, but we as grown-ups actually get it, not them! Can artists in this industry stop with subliminal messages for a second ? Cause they are actually targetting our kids, not us.

Ego remix:

Poker face by Lady GaGa is actually "Poke her face" listen to the lyrics, they dont make any sense...please check out this anaylisis by one of my friends:

A lot of artists are now using this kind of pun to alienate our kids,oops I forgot Britney "If you seek Amy" song, here is the chorus:

"love me - hate me
say what you want to want about me
but all of the girls and all of the boys are begging to
if you seek amy"

Does that make sense ? NO That doesnt make any sense....Now try this:

"love me - hate me
say what you want to want about me
but all of the girls and all of the boys
are begging toF.U.C.K ME"

Does it make more sense now ? And she doesnt talk about men or women but boys and girls wanting to F.U.C.K her !Simply cause that is her audience you guys.

Next thing you know, "little" girls end up wanting to dress more provocative and become sexually active at an early age. Some would say that I am being too dramatic, trust me fam I am not.This is not a joke, music is THE most powerful tool of power (above politics), you have no idea of the impact it has on the brain and can affect people's behaviour.The music industry is mostly controlled by illuminatis pushing their alienation agenda.Satan was the angel of music and most of the folks out there have sold their souls for fame. Do your research.Well cant wait to see the new video Bee ! All the "Dereon children" are inconsciously going to be humming a song about a penis and posting clips of them on youtube dancing to your new debauchery anthem.Congrats Beyoncé, congrats.

Oh and I know you are all grinding to Jamie's new hit, what about your kids ?

Be Yourself

Okay I just had to say one more thing. I love that now here in 2009 people can wear whatever they want (mix-matched-Different textures) and not get blazed on (remember that word?) I used to dress this way back in the early 2000's and where did it get me? On every ones "She's crazy/weird" list. If you didn't have on Nike/Burberry/Coach/Timberland/Baby Phat/Apple Bottom/ Rocawear/ something was wrong with you. No, nothing was wrong with me-its just that I dont move with the masses. I had my own style (whatever it was-kooky) I just wore what I wanted to wear. Now that I'm married with kids, I do have to look somewhat together when I step out with them. But I tell you, from here on out when I'm by myself-I will wear what I want to wear. I will be Original Martiya. Oh yeah and the dances these days????? I used to do all this stuff out on the dance floor BY MYSELF- people thought I was having a seizure out there and no one approached me. Well one girl did, letting me know that I make her laugh! Krumping, Halle Berry, Swag surfin, all of that crap. Doesn't faze me now because I'm grown and half-way old. But its something to ponder... What are some trends you feel you "established" way back, it wasn't cool then, but now every one's on it?

Martiya Is A Porcelain Doll?

I'm sitting here surrounded by blank off-white walls. I'm on my computer (an old hp pavilion) with a clunky monitor. The fan of the computer keeps turning on every few minutes. I'm sure we have a virus on it somewhere. Despite those minor flaws, it works and I love my computer. I'm on it everyday, atleast 3 hours, even if I'm working or not. Lately I've been surfing home improvement pages; instructing me on how to transform the walls of my government home. How to stain the faded brick slabs outside my door. And how to plant flowers, which I need visually to make me feel better about my location.
The parched desert climate of the United States. I'm in New Mexico feeling somewhat trapped by my husband who on occasion treats me like a little kid that cannot handle things on her own. That cannot travel on her own. Like Chrisette Michele says a "Porcelain Doll" in his eyes. He must be there to "watch" and "take care" of me. Because, I like to spend money? Yes, I like to spend money on food & clothes for our kids. I like to spend money on myself in terms of a cheap $20 acrylic nail application. Because, I like to drink? Yes, I like to have a few while sitting with my sisters. I like to drink while taking a bubble bath, or watching a movie on the couch by myself. Because, I'm a happy go lucky kind of person? I don't know. We are in debate whether I (a grown 22yr old Woman) can visit our families in Michigan-without him by my side.
I'm furious, but in a sense not even surprised. he takes anything I do literally for what it is no matter the unfortunate circumstances. He's afraid that I will leave our kids with a bad baby sitter-just to be free. He believes that I'm a reckless type when it comes to our children. I love him, I married him, but DANG. Give a girl a break-I would never purposely put my children in danger just to receive PEACE&QUIET. Peace and quiet that I cannot achieve here in NEW MEXICO by myself with all family members hundreds of miles away. Okay y'all I'm done with my moment. I'll let you know what happens, If I'm going to see my family next month.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sex Education (Clip Of The Day)

Very Very FUNNAY! Thanks College Humor! Remember folks-I'm for married folks getting down. Fornication is something you'll have to take up with the Father.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

YouTube Clip of The Day

I love these guys! Check out their channel.

Photo Of The Day (My Days In Japan)

I love Japan so much! The people, the food, everything. From the quiant little villages to the city with all its neon glory. I miss you Okinawa, but dont worry I'll be back!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Teen Robbers/An Epidemic?

OAKLAND-Ersland said two males tried to rob his pharmacy at Southwest 59th and Penn last Tuesday. Police investigators said Ersland shot 16-year-old Antwun Parker, killing him.

Antwun Parker, 16, was shot and killed during an apparent robbery attempt at Reliable Pharmacy.

District Attorney David Prater said in Thursday's hearing that while Ersland crossed the line in the Parker shooting, he should still have a right to defend himself while he awaits trial. He said it was unfair for Ersland to be allowed to go back to work, but not allow anyone at the pharmacy to defend themselves.

The judge said that she's not keeping other people at the pharmacy from defending themselves, but doesn't want Ersland to have access to weapons. She said if he can't work under those conditions, that's his decision.

Two Vietnam War veterans at the hearing argued that the judge crossed the line by restricting other people's Second Amendment rights.

Prater said on Wednesday that the surveillance tape from the robbery prompted the murder charge against Ersland.
The video showed that the other man who came into the store demanding money had a gun but Parker did not. The tape showed that Parker seemed to be in the process of putting on a mask, police said.

Ersland fired shots at Parker, hitting him in the head. He also chased the second man down the street, firing two more shots. Police arrested a 14-year-old who they said was the second person involved in the robbery, as well as a man they accuse of driving a getaway vehicle.

"If that first shot had been fatal, we wouldn't be here," Prater said. "That was a legitimate shot taken by Mr. Ersland when he was in imminent threat of death or bodily injury. He's defending himself."
Prosecutors said Ersland returned to the store after the chase and fired five more shots into Parker's abdomen. Parker was unconscious with gunshot wounds to his head, prosecutors said.

A medical examiner said Parker would have survived the head injury, but died from the shooting to his abdomen.
"Jerome Ersland was justified in shooting Antwun Parker in the robbery attempt," Prater said. "Ersland is accused of exceeding that lawful authority through deadly force when Ersland shot Parker five times in the abdomen with a .380 caliber pistol after the failed robbery."
He said that Parker posed no imminent threat to Ersland at that point.
"When you put a pistol just a foot away from his chest and you fire five rounds into that child's chest, in my opinion, the laws of this state do not protect in the use of that deadly force," Prater said.
After the shooting, Ersland told Eyewitness News 5 that he acted to save his life.

"They were shooting at me and I was just shooting to get them off of me and get to them to leave," Ersland said. "I wasn't trying to kill them."
Ersland's attorney, Irven Box, said his client plans to plead not guilty during his arraignment.

"I think the only message is, 'Enough is enough crime and robberies in this city,'" Box said. "I think he took the first steps toward doing that."

Parker's Family Reacts
News of the murder charge came on the same day that Parker's family buried him.
"I'm mad, I'm mad," said Parker's mother, Cleta Jennings. "He didn't have to shoot my baby like that."

She said that the charges against Ersland give her a sense that justice is being served.
"Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, God. I'm excited. I'm so happy this man is being charged with murder."
- Cleta Jennings, Antwun Parker's mother

She said that while her son may have been mixed up with the wrong crowd and knows that what he did was wrong, she knows that Antwun would never hold a gun and didn't have to die.

"You could have stopped at one shot. You lied," Antwun's sister, Brittany Baldwin said, of Ersland. "Ain't nothing in the world that can replace him. Nothing can take away the pain I feel now."

Mike Parker, Antwun's father, said he was willing to forgive Ersland, but said what he did was not right.

What do you feel? I'm just sad that this had to happen and that he was killed like that-6 shots to the body. This is sadly common in our communities today. What do you expect when you do dangerous things like rob someone? You thought that their was just some fragile Caucasians in there and you were going to scare them into handing over the money? My God! Where are the parents? We need to direct our kids away from the "wrong" crowd-dont accept it. Dont accept "thuggin" behavior from your son cause thats what being a man is all about-FALSE. I'm married to a man that has never ever had that type of mind-set and we are both from the ghetto. He barely had his father around, his mother was on drugs, and he was poor-but he decided to do something about it and persevere. I'm praying for everyone in this matter.