Monday, July 20, 2009


Alright folks it is Monday and time for the GoodWill Fill. There is only one GoodWill in my area and it is not fantastic-but every so often when I go inside-I’ll find a few things. Not necessarily things I need, but always something worth buying! On a trip there this past Friday I picked up this chair for only $0.99! It was of complete wood structure and had a pretty back. The only problem was the hideous stained and flattend seat cushion attached to it.

I’ve very new to the whole DIY and decorating craze so I had none of the needed supplies to re-do this chair. I went to Hobby Lobby (Love that place-I cried my first time shopping there-Don’t laugh) grabbed everything I needed. I also went to the clearance fabric rack and grabbed some coordinating fabrics. This chair is going to reside in my Garage Lounge that I’m ever so slowly completing. The colors in there are shades of Turquoise/Black/Silver/ and a few punches of green will be thrown in the mix too-I’ll show you guys as I progress.

Back to the chair: I unscrewed the screws holding the seat in place, Took a solution of Lysol cleaner and water and scrubbed the chair surface. I then went back and dried with a towel. After that, I lightly sanded a few areas that were dinged up, wiped it down again to remove the dust. I grabbed my spray paint and got to spraying.
As I said before I’m a newbie and amateur, but I think I did an okay job. The paint dried in my garage overnight.

The next night, after all the kids were asleep (and a trip to Wal-Mart for a new Staple Gun) I got to work on the cushion part. I took a few layers of batting, stapled it down to the seat in the corners. Layed it flat down on top of the fabric, cut the fabric-leaving a few inches on each side to grab. I then started stapling. 1 staple at the north/south/east/west and then working in sections stapling across each area. I left the corners to gather and staple last. When I went to attach the seat back onto the chair, 2 of my screws were stripped-so I have to search for some around the house today. All in all-I broke a small sweat, but I have a brand new* chair! It’s so pretty, yet rugged (due to the textured hammered paint) I added some ribbon just to see it all dressed up.
So for all the other newbie’s out there-pull up a chair-I think it was a great first project. God Bless everyone!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I'm at my wits end trying to find a nice little shop around here where the prices are reasonable. Just about every single Antique/Thrift store is WAYY over priced. I'm thinking its because its a business and they must try to make any amount possible-but alot of things are just crazy!

I wonder (I'm in the process of opening my own little shop) How will it be when I have my place? Will someone find me expensive, or just perfect? I'm looking for repeat customers-so well see how it goes...

Next post up: The GoodWill Fill (My GoodWill Treasures Revamped)

Thanks for reading!

Refocusing my blog. I'm going to really only post up things that I like and I like only-If you are feeling me-stay with me folks. I'm a housewife. I'm a house mom. So I think I should just stick to what I know, what I do, and what I like.

God Bless Check back yall.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Transformers:Revenge Of the Fallen Part 2 & MakeUp

Okay-Now I just saw Transformers:Revenge Of The fallen for the second time last night-yeah I got a military discount ($6.00 ticket)LOL So no harm on me and my entertainment budget!

I slept literally the entire day and left my husband and kids to fend for themselves. I didn’t even have to cook-we finally found a worthy Chinese restaurant here in rural New Mexico-Its crazy over here. Anywho, my girl hadn’t seen the movie so we planned to go watch it and go shoot some pool afterward.
She had planned to pick me up, and was running a little late so we were kinda pushing it to the theatre because everything is so spaced out here from my house to the city. We got to the theatre and are just chit chatting about clothes. (She dresses really nice as so do I) and she was telling me about a friend of hers that made a comment about not dressing up (pretty much applying make-up, ironed clothing, heels and the likes) here in or small town. She said that there was no reason to-who is thee to look nice for? What is there to look nice for? Well my answer to that is, I must look nice when I go out anywhere. I have a husband one that I want to look good for as often as possible-even if I’m not leaving the house, but when I do leave the house I have to be presentable. I have to look like I’m everything and a bag of chips-as I own a business that survives on personal relationships with my clients. I don’t think anyone would do business with me if I were looking like a fool-or just kind of scraggly. (In which sometimes I do when I have my “I don’t care days” So just a side note-ladies take care of yourselves wear some new eye shadow today-perfume-a new hairdo-try a new nail polish-whatever makes you feel fresh and beautiful. I know I take pride and love getting myself all dolled up-Especially when I’m going somewhere without my kids-It’s my free time so why not look nice when I’m free? Ha ha. Okay back to the movie…..

So we get our overpriced chips and artificial cheese sauce and go into the screen room to find a seat. We got some perfect ones right in the middle and up but not too far away. We had missed many of the previews but whatever-I had seen them already. Transformers:ROTF is soooo gooood! I don’t want to write any spoilers but its straight action all the way through out. There are a few inconsistencies but doesn’t every movie franchise do that? Roger Ebert gave it a D- That’s crazy! It's an action movie-plain and simple-you can check his review right here

All in all I’ll give the movie 2 thumbs up-way up and I want you all to know that I will be buying this on Blu-Ray when it releases. So does that tell you something? Have you seen it yet? What do you think about the film? Whats one movie you’ve seen thus far this year that you’d recommend? Thanks