Friday, May 29, 2009

School Memories

Don't you just think back sometimes and ponder how easy life was when you were back in middle school? I just cannot believe so much time has past since then and so many things have happened. I was 13 and loving my role as Class Mayor, Softball Team Player, and Captain of the Cheerleader Squad-even though we was whack. It didn't even matter though cause I was happy. The school work was so easy compared to these Algebra courses I'm gearing up to take. The days so long and carefree. Mama cooking every single meal-and washing your clothes. The teen dances, on jump-and not to mention me acting like what I thought was grown. I wish I wouldn't have done half of the raunchy stuff I did-but I was young and impressionable (Late Nights Watching HBO & Showtime/Parents watch your kids)-But enough of that its in the past-Thank God I came up unscathed...

So what are some of your most memorable Middle School Moments?