Friday, May 29, 2009

Throwback Message (Disillusional Females)

Im sitting here and should be asleep but I cant help but ponder this question over and over again.
Do you think you can answer it for me?
I actually have two questions-you know who you are to answer this-alot of you will be omitted.

What is sexy? I really want to know-from your point of view-from you-What is it that makes you sexy? Please be honest-otherwise I will never know.

And another-What does being Top Notch mean? How did you gain that title? How did you become the Baddest and On Top, and Real? What do you do that is so amazing that makes you the best female in Flint? The World? Please Im begging to know.

It is very important that you be a real woman and answer these questions. Dont be shy. You are not shy on your Myspace page-so tell me whats on your mind. And Im very far from being funny-I just want insight.

Thanks Ladies