Saturday, May 30, 2009

Is Greek Life Incompatible With Christianity?

Please check out this Channel to view more videos on our subject. ShoutOut to Sadiqua P for a great topic suggestion..

This Brother and God's Scriptures gave me goosebumps! Personally, I've met 2 people in my adult life who are members of a Sorority (AKA). I'll talk about one lady in particular: She is a Christian, a beautiful, sweet, intelligent, young woman that I love and respect. Through the 2 years I've spent in her presence, she and others would routinely get into this conversation. "Why are you in a Sorority? You can't do that and service God at the same time. There are so many contradictions, I know you see them".
She would have to hear this at every Book Club meeting and girls get-together we had. Her replies were simple, "I can, I do, serve the Lord first" She insured us that there were no conflictions with her Christianity and her allegiance to the

Now, to clarify, I really don't know deeply about Frats or Sororities because they never concerned me. I had a child fresh out of high school and was set to become a house-wife instead of a fancy & free young lady on a HBC campus (or any college campus for that matter). My opinion on whether a Christian is compatible with a Greek Org is NO-Better yet-Rewind Martiya back to 2005. I would not be able to live my life according to the Scriptures and be a member of any Sorority. At 18 I was smart and caring yes, but also in love with Worldly things. I was materialistic and sexually uninhibited. I would be able to act like a lady while participating in many fundraisers and volunteer efforts-but then, 180 into a drunk whore if I felt it fun and living "my life". I feel that belonging to one of these orgs is tempting, due to your "connections" you'll experience later after graduating(my father is a Mason), but is it really worth possibly placing yourself in eternal damnation? I think not.

Every person on this Earth has been granted free will and if people choose to do certain things (consciously or subconsciously) they will answer later. It is not up to me to say what's right and what's wrong-just to tell others what the Holy Bible says and to show them through my actions.
From what I've seen, there are creeds and oaths taken that go against God's Word. As a Christian your are to do God's Word not the opposite. I could not find myself professing that I receive wisdom from a Greek goddess, when deep in my heart and soul I know my wisdom comes from God and there are no other Gods-just Him.
So to wrap it all up-I know I couldn't do it. This is merely my opion.
I'll leave this with a few comments found on YouTube.

"either that or suffer an eternity of hell for not taking heed when they had the opportunity to do so....
today is my birthday...I am an ex-Soror and it's because I watched his series of videos...
I cannot risk my soul to stay devoted to people who could really care less about my eternity well-being...
look, hell is REAL you guys...we are ALL one heartbeat away from eternity....this is just not something one should risk losing on account dead founders and active member who ?uestionably"

"looks like that's a resounding "No"...

nobody can "work" their way into heaven ESPECIALLY BLACK GREEKS....there's no way that by having mixers, expos, debutante balls, step shows, or anything of the like that that gets YOU one step closer to the kingdom of GOD..Do you think the angels will be "stepping up in heaven"...didn't think so...we just need to all realize that many of the things that we do here on this earth simply WON'T BE ALLOWED in Glory...Yahweh seeks perfection in His Kingdom"

"u r SAD!!
1.U r making claims with no sources cited. Where can I find in Delta's rituals that it worships the Minerva?
My org, of which I have been a member for 3 yrs, was formed on Christian foundations-w/ no other god or idols."

"For your Information AtlantaSistah, and as an ex member of this satanistic group of worshippers,Fraternities /sororities always target the weakest one. I know how it goes it's always the ones that want it the most they select and not the wise one. it is easier to brainwash one that is ignorant and blind by the glamour of Greek life on campus. don't need to be in a frat/sorority for(success) or help your community. Why this irritation when the truth comes out?"

"We stood for community service, scholastics, and sisterhood and brotherhood bond...but we left out partying, competing with other blacks for who was the hardest, promiscuity, drinking...the fruits are not good at all, not even on the graduate level."

So What do you think about Christians and Greek Organizations (Frats & Sororities) Can a Christian belong to one and correctly & closely follow the likeness of Jesus?