Monday, July 20, 2009


Alright folks it is Monday and time for the GoodWill Fill. There is only one GoodWill in my area and it is not fantastic-but every so often when I go inside-I’ll find a few things. Not necessarily things I need, but always something worth buying! On a trip there this past Friday I picked up this chair for only $0.99! It was of complete wood structure and had a pretty back. The only problem was the hideous stained and flattend seat cushion attached to it.

I’ve very new to the whole DIY and decorating craze so I had none of the needed supplies to re-do this chair. I went to Hobby Lobby (Love that place-I cried my first time shopping there-Don’t laugh) grabbed everything I needed. I also went to the clearance fabric rack and grabbed some coordinating fabrics. This chair is going to reside in my Garage Lounge that I’m ever so slowly completing. The colors in there are shades of Turquoise/Black/Silver/ and a few punches of green will be thrown in the mix too-I’ll show you guys as I progress.

Back to the chair: I unscrewed the screws holding the seat in place, Took a solution of Lysol cleaner and water and scrubbed the chair surface. I then went back and dried with a towel. After that, I lightly sanded a few areas that were dinged up, wiped it down again to remove the dust. I grabbed my spray paint and got to spraying.
As I said before I’m a newbie and amateur, but I think I did an okay job. The paint dried in my garage overnight.

The next night, after all the kids were asleep (and a trip to Wal-Mart for a new Staple Gun) I got to work on the cushion part. I took a few layers of batting, stapled it down to the seat in the corners. Layed it flat down on top of the fabric, cut the fabric-leaving a few inches on each side to grab. I then started stapling. 1 staple at the north/south/east/west and then working in sections stapling across each area. I left the corners to gather and staple last. When I went to attach the seat back onto the chair, 2 of my screws were stripped-so I have to search for some around the house today. All in all-I broke a small sweat, but I have a brand new* chair! It’s so pretty, yet rugged (due to the textured hammered paint) I added some ribbon just to see it all dressed up.
So for all the other newbie’s out there-pull up a chair-I think it was a great first project. God Bless everyone!


Kindle Marie said...

Awesome I am loving that chair! Talk about me inspiring you? Girl! you ARE inspiring...


L ~DIY Diva~ said...

lol i know what you mean about hobby lobby.....that place just takes me away everytime! and that chair is fabulous!